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Beverly Bossler

 Beverly Bossler

SS&H 3229 
Office Hours: M 3-4pm 

Social and intellectual history of high imperial China (10-14th centuries); emphasis on family and gender relations.


Katharine Burnett

Art History
Everson 160

Interdisciplinary studies focusing on the visual arts of China.

 Chia-ning Chang

Japanese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 305
*On leave until December 31, 2017 

Modern Japanese literary history and criticism, cultural and intellectual history since Meiji, the poetics of modern and autobiographical narratives, Japanese and Chinese film.


 Xiaomei Chen

Chinese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 309

Modern Chinese literature, drama, theater, women's literature, comparative literature, literary theory, cultural studies, and performance studies. 


Howard Chiang

Howard Chiang
SS&H 3225

Cultural and global history of modern China, with an emphasis on the history of science, medicine, gender, and sexuality.

Jaeho Cho

Jaeho Cho

Kerr Hall 375

Political communication and campaigns.

 Chengzhi Chu

Chinese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 303

Chinese linguistics, cognitive semantics, Chinese as a second language (pedagogy and acquisition), application of computer technology in language instruction. 


Bo Feng

Bo Feng
Kerr Hall 361

Interpersonal, supportive and intercultural communication.


 Michael Dylan Foster

 Japanese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 308

Japanese folklore, Japanese literature, Folkloristics (history/theory), monsters/supernatural, ritual and festival, legend and belief, tourism, intangible cultural heritage. 


 David Gundry

Japanese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 302

Medieval and early-modern Japanese literature, comparative history of the novel Edo-period popular culture. 


Mark Halperin
Chinese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 522
T 12:30-2pm and by appointment

Medieval Chinese literature and cultural history, especially anecdotal and religious literature of the Tang and Song dynasties.

 Thorian Harris

Religious Studies
SS&H 2296
Office Hours: MW 1:15-2:45pm 

Sagehood in Early China, Early Chinese and Greek moral psychology, Confucian and Daoist ethics.


 Yuming He

Chinese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 313
Office Hours: TR 8:30-9:30am 

Dramatic performance, social and intellectual history, particularly the history of books from Late Imperial China. 


Quinn D. Javers

 Quinn D. Javers

SS&H 4203

Cross-cultural women's &gander history; law, culture and society; mass, popular, folk cultures; Africa, Asia, & the Middle East.


Kyu Hyun Kim

 Kyu hyun Kim

SS&H 4213 
Office Hours: W 2-4pm 

Early modern and modern Japanese history, colonial modernity in East Asia, modern Korean history, Japanese popular culture, Japanese and Korean cinema.  


 Richard S. Kim

Chair and Associate Professor of Asian American Studies
Hart Hall 3101

20th centuryU.S, history, Asian American history, transnationalism and diaspora, race and ethnicity, and social and political movements.


 Nobuko Koyama

Japanese (EALC), Japanese Language Program Coordinator
Sproul Hall 311

Japanese language pedagogy (curriculum standardizations and design, content-based instruction, collaborative learning), academic Japanese, discourse analysis of Japanese contemporary literature.


Ming-Cheng Lo

 Ming-Cheng Lo

SS&H 2266

Professions, nationality and nationalism, social movements, political sociology, sociology of culture, comparative historical sociology, theory. 


 Sheldon Lu

Comparative Literature Program
Sproul Hall 808

Intersection of literary studies, visual studies, film studies, China studies, and cultural theory. 


David M. McCourt

David McCourt
SS&H 2264

Social sources of state action in international politics, with an empirical focus on the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.

Ethan Scheiner

 Ethan Scheiner

Political Science
Kerr Hall 581
Office Hours:  TBD

Japanese politics and general issues surrounding democratic representation.


Cuihua (Cindy) Shen

Cuihua (Cindy) Shen
Kerr Hall 363

Implications and influence of emerging media and social networks, especially the social dynamics in digital games and other online communities, such as Facebook and Wikipedia.

Xiaoling Shu

Xiaoling Shu
EAS Director, Sociology
SS&H 2274

Social stratification, gender quantitative methods, life course, social demography, comparative studies, computer simulation, knowledge discovery and data mining. 

 Joseph Sorensen

Japanese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 316

Text-image relationships in pre-modern Japan, classical and medieval poetry and drama, aesthetics, performance theory, Japanese art, architecture, and art history, modern Japanese literature and film.


 Michiko Suzuki

Japanese (EALC) and Comparative Literature
Sproul Hall 306
Office Hours: MW 11am-12pm 

Modern Japanese literature and film, gender representation, identity, and sexuality in literature, the kimono, early twentieth-century sexology discourse, women's writing and feminism. 


Eddy U

 Eddy U

SS&H 2248
Office Hours: On Sabbatical 

Political and historical sociology, sociology of intellectuals, Chinese society and politicals.


 Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde

Asian American Studies
 Hart Hall 3113

Southeast Asian American history and contemporary issues, mixed race and gender theories, Fashionology, Aesthetics, Diaspora, and Transnationalism Studies.



 Wing Thye Woo

SS&H 1142 

International and domestic macroeconomics, economic growth, comparative economic systems, sustainable economic growth, provision of global public goods, economic geography.


 Michelle Yeh

Chinese (EALC)
Sproul Hall 312A

Traditional and modern Chinese poetry, comparative poetics, international modernism, and translation.


Glenn M. Young

Glenn M. Young
Food Science and Technology

Molecular biology, genetics, and physiology of diverse pathogenic bacteria; how foodborne pathogens cause diseases in humans.

 Katherine In-Young Lee

Music Building 222D 

Ethnomusicology, East Asia, music and politics, transnational circulations, sound studies, and ethnography. 


Nolan Zane

 Nolan Zane

Young Hall 268N

Clinical psychology issues; work focuses on specific cultural variables that influence the processes and outcomes of psycho-social interventions.


Chunjie Zhang
German & Russian
Sproul Hall 404

Post-colonial studies, Cosmopolitanism, Transculturality, Global modernisms in German and Chinese literatures and cultures. 

Jingwen Zhang

Jingwen Zhang
Kerr Hall 362

Efficacy and mechanisms of online social networks in physical activity among young adults.

Li Zhang

 Li Zhang

Young Hall 311
Office Hours: by appointment

Cultural, political, and urban anthropology, migration, citizenship, post-socialist states, consumerism, class and property relations; particular focus on China.




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