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Study Abroad

While the East Asian Studies major offers an excellent range of courses from a variety of disciplines, studying abroad allows students to apply, experiment, and redefine their knowledge through experiences in their daily lives and interactions with their peers, teachers, as well as with the host-country people as a whole. Living and studying abroad will allow a degree of cultural immediacy and intellectual relevancy to knowledge impossible to savor in the United States , an opportunity to build life-long friendships and connections, and to explore new intellectual and cultural horizons in a new and exciting cultural environment. Click here for more information

Welcome to the East Asian Studies Program

Undergraduate study of East Asia at UC Davis is not concentrated in a single department. The major draws faculty from many disciplines, including anthropology, history, sociology, economics, political science, religion, languages, and literature.

The UC Davis program recognizes that East Asian studies majors often come to the University with little or no background in Asian cultures, and that the career possibilities are exceptionally varied. To meet these two problems, the program offers a background core of basic courses in East Asian history, humanities, social sciences, and languages, plus a wide range of more advanced and specialized courses from which student and advisor tailor an individualized program of study.

Students majoring in other fields, such as literature, economics, history, international relations, even agricultural sciences may find courses in East Asian studies relevant to their particular career goals or academic interests. Also a number of students have undertaken double majors, combining East Asian studies with another area of study. The faculty are as eager to introduce some appreciation of East Asia to future textile engineers, doctors, and agronomists, as they are to train Asian specialists.