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Katherine Ampaw
Undergraduate Advisor
SS&H 2216 



As an individual coming from underrepresented, low-income, first generation-American background, I have a strong understanding of the importance of advising for diverse student populations in higher education. As a former community college and transfer student, my academic advisors were a crucial part of my academic, professional and social life success in college. In this, I became an advisor because I am passionate about serving students and helping them navigate the small and big academic, professional, and social challenges of college life.

When advising students, my approach is to view and advise every student holistically. Each student has encountered different academic and social experiences before and during their time at UC Davis. Furthermore, the diversity of students are different in terms of backgrounds, age, academic standing, ethnicity, race, gender, disability, sexuality etc. Therefore, being able to cater and advise to each students needs is important to me, because my hope is that they receive the right advice, counseling, and support they need.

I strive to provide a non-judgmental, brave space where I can support, listen, and empower students to excel in all aspects of their lives during their time in college. Moreover, being genuine, empathetic, and constantly being positive is important to me because I want to have every student that leaves my office, know and feel they have been heard, validated, and that they received the support and help they needed. 


Leanna Friedrich
Undergraduate Advisor
SS&H 2216 



As an academic advisor, I am passionate about guiding all students toward academic, socio-emotional, professional, and personal success. In my role, I hope to empower students to take responsibility for their education while supporting them wholeheartedly in the process. Utilizing a holistic approach, I build my academic advising philosophy around the following three practices:

Acknowledge: It is important to recognize that every student has a richly unique story, enhanced and shaped by their individual experiences. In my advising sessions, I strive to get to know students as more than just their major, academic status, or year in school. I ask open-ended questions to better understand their motivations, goals, concerns, and experiences and how I can best support them throughout their individual academic journey.

Listen: I believe in the power of listening. In my advising sessions, I prefer to listen first. It is important to me that students to feel heard and their ideas acknowledged. Listening helps me understand the nuances and factors of each situation so that we can then work together to determine possible solutions.

Connect: Some of the most powerful educational experiences come from the connection between what is learned inside of the classroom and what can only be learned outside of the classroom. I promote internships, study abroad, employment, engagement with student centers, and participation in campus organizations as critical aspects of the UC Davis student experience. As an academic advisor, I aim to foster these meaningful connections and encourage students to build the transferrable skills that will benefit them in their future.


Anya Gibson
Undergraduate Programs Supervisor
SS&H 2216 


My approach to advising is influenced by my own personal philosophy of respecting and putting my trust in people as human beings.  I focus on students as a whole people, not just a singular identity.  I try to cultivate a welcoming and equitable advising experience for each student.  I strive to honor their diverse identities.  I aim to provide honest, accurate, and individually focused guidance to enhance a students’ personal, academic, and professional journeys.  Just as students are learners, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner.  I incorporate student-centered advising theories into my daily practice. 


Christina Halliwell
Undergraduate Advisor
SS&H 2216  


My mission as an Academic Advisor is to provide an empowering, supportive space for myself and students to help foster and realize the education and personal goals the student is seeking during their academic career. 

Through a holistic approach including active listening, respect, integrity and compassion; my aim is to create a brave space for problem solving, critical thinking and result focused reflection.

I encourage students to build a support system and community around them through active campus engagement and exploration.  “Successful creative adults seem to combine the wide-ranging exploration and openness we see in children with the focus and discipline we see in adults.” Dr. Alison Gopnik


Stephanie Ivory
Program Coordinator
SS&H 1277

Cindy Alvarenga
Undergraduate Advisor
SS&H 2216 



My advising philosophy as an advisor is to guide students throughout their academic careers and lead them on a path to success by embracing the diversity of their characteristics and learning styles. Not only do I try to encourage and respect their own goals, I want to strengthen their beliefs through the process of holistic advising to help them follow what inspires them.

My experience as a transfer student and a UC Davis Alumni has shaped my perspective when I advise students. I understand the obstacles that students’ face on daily basis including trying to find oneself in the midst of people. To find ones' own voice or even a clear direction for life after college, although difficult, is my mission.  

Xiaoling Shu
EAS Program Coordinator
30 554 1860
SS&H 2274

Advising Center


The East Asian Studies, Economics, and History, Undergraduate Advising Center is located in 2216 Social Sciences and Humanities Building. Staff advisors are available to assist you with various student services related to the minor including academic planning, petition review, course selection, career pathway development, and special study progress.

Contact the EAS staff advisors at (530)752-9241, or undergraduate program supervisor and advisor, Anya Gibson at

  • Appointments: Tuesdays-Fridays 9:00-11:30am and 1:00-4:00pm
  • Drop-ins: Mondays 1:00-3:45, Tuesdays-Fridays 8:30-11:30am and 1:00-4:00pm


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