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Visiting Scholars

Lin Jian
Communication University of China
Beijing, China

Film Projection in the Early History of Chinese Cinema


Niu Meng
Department of Fashion & Art Design
Donghua University
Shanghai, China

Ming Dynasty apparel as it appears in surviving murals and contemporaneous texts regarding Chinese fashion history. 


Panchao Zhao
Academy of Fine Arts
Minzu University of China
Beijing, China

20th and 21st century Chinese art. 


Wei Qin
Division for American and Oceanian Affairs
Bureau of International Cooperation
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Beijing, China

How to fund International Cooperation in Basic Sciences More Efficiently: a Comparative Study between the NSF and the NSFC.


Wenwen Gu
Department of History
Peking University
Beijing, China

Chinese contemporary art in late 1970s and early 1980s.



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