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The goal of the minor in East Asian Studies is to provide the student with a broad background in East Asian culture as a whole while allowing the student to focus on a geographical or temporal aspect of East Asia. A language component has been omitted on purpose. While the acquisition of an Asian language is, of course, important to the understanding of a culture, other avenues are available for a student to combine language study with area study.

Courses taken for the minor are expected to reflect a predominant interest in either China or Japan, but also to provide some exposure to the other of the two countries. All courses counting towards the East Asian Studies major, including individual and group study courses (198, 199), may be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor program, as long as they deal predominantly with China, Japan, or both.


  • Two Tracks - China or Japan
  • China track -History 9B and 18 upper division units, of which at least 12 must be in courses focusing on China
  • Japan track - History 9A and 18 upper division units, of which at least 12 must be in courses focusing on Japan.
  • TOTAL UNITS needed for MINOR = 22
  • Only one course can overlap between major and minor.

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New courses are added periodically. Please check with the Advisor for updates.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on updates to the East Asian Studies Minor.  Please consult with our advising center regarding future potential changes.

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