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Want to check your major progress or declare an East Asian Studies major or minor? Advising is available in 2216 Social Sciences and Humanities Building Monday 1:00 - 4:00pm, Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 11:45am and 1:00 - 4:00pm by drop-in. To schedule an appointment please email or call (530) 752-9241.


Frequently asked questions:


What do I need to do to major in EAS? Come by 107 Sproul Hall to meet with the Major Advisor. You will be given a form that you need to fill out and have signed. Then, you just need to drop off the form to the L & S Dean's Office. No courses are required to declare the major, although it is recommended to take History 9A and 9B before declaring your major in EAS.

How about a minor? You file your petition to minor when you file your intent to graduate. Minor worksheet forms are available outside of 107 Sproul Hall and on this website to aid you in selecting courses for the minor.

How do I double major? To become a double major in EAS and another discipline, you need to fill out a double major form (available online through the Dean's office or from your EAS advisor). Once you have filled out the form completely, bring it to the EAS advisor to sign. You will also need to get the signature of your second major advisor. Please keep in mind that only one, and sometimes possibly two courses can overlap between majors.

Am I allowed to take a language other than Chinese or Japanese? (like Korean) Many students inquire why they cannot use Korean and other East Asian languages to satisfy the language requirement. Since UCD only offers Chinese and Japanese language courses, we can only accept these two languages and not any others.

When can I study abroad? You can study abroad at almost any time in your academic career. Your best bet is to meet with an advisor at the Education Abroad Center to discuss your plan and then meet with the EAS Advisor to make sure the courses you want to take can transfer.

Do my Education Abroad Program courses count toward the major? Most likely, yes. It depends on how close they are to courses offered here at UC Davis. You should consult with the major advisor to determine which EAP courses would be suitable for your major at UC Davis. Please keep in mind that this is important to take care of before leaving to study abroad.

Do my community college courses satisfy the UCD East Asian Studies major requirements?
Some do and some do not. You cannot assume that since your course has transferred over and has the same name as a UCD course, that it will also count towards the EAS major. The courses you took must be evaluated by the major advisor. See the ASSIST Web page to find UCD courses equivalent to your community college courses.

Can upper-division courses I took at another university be used to satisfy the UCD major requirements? Yes, if the course is substantially similar to a UCD EAS course. See the major advisor for approval.

Do I need to satisfy the Preparatory Subject Matter (lower-division courses) before I can take upper-division courses? Courses may be taken in any order, but be sure to check for prerequisites.

Do courses used to satisfy the GE requirements count toward the major? Yes, many do. Please check the UCD General Catalog.

Can I take courses for the major pass/non-pass?
Yes, up to the limits set by the college of Letters and Science. For example: One-fourth of your total units taken at UC Davis (except for courses such as 199 which are graded on a pass/non-pass basis only) and the limits set for the campus, e.g. one-third of your total units taken at UC Davis. If you are thinking about taking a course on this basis, please see the major advisor about how it will look on your transcript.

What happens if major requirements change while I am a student? You have the right to complete the requirements listed in the General Catalog at the time you entered the University. If, however, you choose to complete the revised requirements instead, you may do so.

Other questions?
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