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East Asian Studies Major Requirements

You may choose to focus on Chinese or Japanese language and culture, although you will be encouraged to study aspects of the culture of each country. You will begin with core courses in East Asian humanities, social sciences and languages. After completing these courses and two courses or more of your chosen language, you will choose additional courses focusing on a special field of interest such as anthropology, art history, sociology, or history.

Preparatory Subject Matter (21-22 units)

  • HIS 9A: History of East Asian Civilization (China) (4 units)
  • HIS 9B: History of East Asian Civilization (Japan) (4 units)

Choose one course from (3-4 units):

  • AHI 1D: Asian Art or AHI 1DV: Arts of Asia Virtual
  • CHN 7: Chinese Business Culture
  • CHN 10: Modern Chinese Literature (In English)
  • CHN 11: Great Books of China (In English)
  • COM 53A: Literature of East Asia
  • EAS 88: Korean Society: Late 19th Century to the Present
  • JPN 10: Masterworks of Japanese Lit (In English)
  • JPN 25: Japanese Language and Culture (In English)
  • JPN 50: Introduction to the Literature of China and Japan
  • RST 75: Intro to Chinese Philosophy

Two quarters of beginning language (Chinese, Japanese, Other East Asian Language) (10 units)

Upper Division Depth Subject Courses (24 units)

  • ANT 134: Buddhism in Global Culture
  • ANT 137: Meditation and Culture
  • ANT 143A: Ethnology of Southeast Asia
  • ANT 148A: Culture and Political Economy in Contemporary China
  • ANT 149A: Traditional Japanese Society
  • ANT 149B: Contemporary Japanese Society
  • AHI 163A: Chinese Art
  • AHI 163B: Chinese Painting
  • AHI 163C: Painting in the People's Republic of China
  • AHI 163D: Visual Arts of Early Modern China
  • AHI 164: The Arts of Japan
  • AHI 190F: Seminar-Chinese Art and Material Culture
  • AHI 190G: UG Proseminar in Art History - Japanese Art and Material
  • CHN 100A: Chinese Intellectual Tranditions: Daoist Traditions
  • CHN 100B: Confucian Traditions
  • CHN 101: Chinese Film
  • CHN 102: Chinese American Literature (In English)
  • CHN 103: Modern Chinese Drama
  • CHN 104: Modern Chinese Fiction (In English)
  • CHN 105: Western Influences on 20th Century Chinese Literature (In English)
  • CHN 106: Chinese Poetry (In English)
  • CHN 107: Traditional Chinese Fiction (In English)
  • CHN 108: Poetry of China and Japan (In English)
  • CHN 109A-I: Topics in Chinese Literature (In English)
  • CHN 110: Great Writers of China: Texts and Context (In English)
  • CRD 153A: International Community Development - Asia
  • COM 110: Hong Kong Cinema
  • COM 153: The Forms of Asian Literature
  • DES 142A: World Textiles: Eastern Hemisphere
  • DRA 144A: Introduction to Traditional Chinese Embodied Culture
  • DRA 144B: Introduction to Traditional Chinese Physical Culture
  • DRA 144C: Daoist Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Movement Culture
  • DRA 154: Asian Theatre and Drama: Contexts and Forms
  • EAS 113: Cinema and Society in China
  • EAS 190: East Asian Studies Seminar
  • ECN 171: Economy of East Asia
  • HIS 102G: Undergrad Seminar - China to 1800
  • HIS 102H: Undergrad Seminar- China Since 1800
  • HIS 102N: Undergrad Seminar - Japan
  • HIS 191A: Classical China
  • HIS 191B: High Imperial China
  • HIS 191C: Late Imperial China
  • HIS 191D: Nineteenth Century China
  • HIS 191E: The Chinese Revolution
  • HIS 191F: History of the People's Republic of China
  • HIS 191G: Special Topics in Chinese History to 1800
  • HIS 191H: Speical Topics in Chinese History after 1800
  • HIS 191J: Sex and Society in Modern Chinese History
  • HIS 194A: Aristocratic and Feudal Japan
  • HIS 194B: Early Modern Japan
  • HIS 194C: Modern Japan
  • HIS 194D: Business and Labor in Modern Japan
  • HIS 194E: Education & Technology in Modern Japan
  • HIS 195B: History of Modern Korea
  • JPN 101: Japanese Lit in Trans: The Early Period
  • JPN 102: Japanese Lit in Trans: The Middle Period
  • JPN 103: Japanese Lit in Trans: The Modern Period
  • JPN 104: Modern Japanese Literature: War and Revolution
  • JPN 105: Modern Japanese Literature: Hero and Anti-hero
  • JPN 106: Japanese Culture Through Film
  • JPN 107: Modern Japanese Autobiographies
  • JPN 108: Poetry of China and Japan (In English)
  • JPN 109: Japanese Popular Culture
  • JPN 152: Traditional Japanese Drama
  • JPN 156: Japanese Literature on Film
  • JPN 157: Japanese Women Writers
  • MUS 129C: Musics of East and Southeast Asia
  • POL 148B: Government and Politics in East Asia: Japan
  • RST 165: Islam in Asia
  • RST 170: Buddhism
  • RST 172: Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism
  • RST 175A: Chinese Intellectual Traditions: Daoist Traditions
  • SOC 147: Sociological Perspective on East Asia
  • SOC 188: Social Stratification in China

Elective Requirements (16 units):

  • Any EAS special courses (Approved EAS 190,192,194H,196A/B,198 – maximum 12 units)
  • Any Chinese or Japanese Upper Division Course
  • Any Depth Subject Course
  • Upper Division Education Abroad courses focusing on East Asia


Total Units for the Major: 61-62

Are you unsure about how to plan out your courses within the minor? Feel free to come and speak to one of our undergraduate advisers so that we may assist you.

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