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Caligraphy Club a big success!

2014 (Winter Quarter) UC Davis Chinese Calligraphy... This quarter, a Department of Chinese tutor established a new group called Calligraphy Club. Our goals are making activities for students who are taking Chinese classes and promote Chinese culture on UCD campus. For Chinese calligraphy, we had 12 meetings in six weeks and had taught totally 94 person-times. Most of them were from Chinese language classes. By the end of this quarter, we have finished our teaching tasks from using tools like Chinese brushes to writing basic Chinese characters. In addition, we created a public page on Facebook called UC Davis Calligraphy Club, and currently we have 30 members. (Next page is the syllabus) This activity is sponsored by East Asian Language and Culture Studies and helped by the Confucius Institute as well. We would like to thanks for all your support and help. Next quarter, we will change our schedules and continue our meetings. Hopefully we could have more meetings in a week and organize more activities, such as calligraphy shows in the future. Yanan Hu March 19, 2014



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