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East Asian Studies

  Wingchi Ip with student


East Asian Studies is a strong and vibrant program at UC Davis. Our faculty research and teach across the disciplines from the Humanities and Social Sciences to the various other sciences. Disciplines include Anthropology, Art History, Agriculture and Plant Sciences, Geology, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Literature, Nutrition and more. The EAS program actively sponsors and promotes lectures by visiting and campus experts, colloquia, symposia, and workshops addressing the concerns of the research community. These events are free and open to the public as we recognize that they can enrich the lives and affect the choices made by people in our larger region. Understanding East Asia today requires knowledge and appreciation of the forces that have shaped its diverse cultures and societies. It offers us a perspective on the diversity of human achievements and is key to understanding the region.




Study of East Asia at UC Davis draws faculty from many disciplines.  The Program prepares students for varied career possibilities, training them in a core set of courses at the lower-division level, and in a wide range of more advanced and specialize courses in the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences.  This enables the student and adviser to tailor an individualized program of study.

After taking the core courses, in conjunction with at least two years of either Chinese or Japanese language study, the student chooses five or more additional courses focusing on a special field of interest. A student considering a business career might select a course in the Political Science Department on American-Japanese relations and study international trade and finance in the Economics Department, together with a seminar or independent study on the Japanese economy. On the other hand, a major interested in journalism or government service may concentrate on the modern history and politics of both China and Japan, taking courses dealing with modernization and revolution and Marxist theory.

Students majoring in other fields, such as literature, economics, history, international relations, agricultural sciences, may find courses in East Asian Studies relevant to their particular career goals or academic interests. As well, students may choose to double major, combining East Asian Studies with another area of study. The faculty are as eager to introduce appreciation of East Asia to future textile engineers, doctors, and agronomists, as they are to train Asia specialists.




Undergraduate advising center: (530) 752-9241,, 2216 Social Science & Humanities Building  

Program coordinator:  Patrick Kinkade, (530) 752-3046,, 1277 Social Science & Humanities Building

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