Alumni Reflections

Evan George ’06, B.A. in East Asian studies and sociology, attorney: I arrived at UC Davis trying to earn my degree so I could move on to the next stage of my life.  I was lucky to have my curiosity piqued by an article in The New York Times on the urban-rural disparity in China.  I took a “Social Stratification China” course and my life changed. I met a dynamic professor who cared about her students and their work.

As an undergraduate, I worked on an East Asian Studies Fellowship to learn about academic research, and studied abroad through the Education Abroad Program. After graduation, I spent two years living and working in China, returning to the United States to attend law school. I then went back East Asia to earn a master’s degree in Chinese law for foreign lawyers, the first program of its kind in China at Tsinghua University.

Currently, I run my own law office in California, and as part of the practice, I consult on China and Chinese regulations.

LeRyan Anthony Burrey ’15, B.A. in East Asian studies, educator: My sensei in the East Asian Studies Program are my greatest inspirations. They helped me start my career, as it is theirs, too, ultimately. I wish to be the greatest educator I can be, and I have them to thank for that. I hope to become an advisor or ambassador for the United States and Japan at large.

Aimee Fung ’15, B.A. in East Asian studies, assistant account executive: I work in an advertisement agency and manage multiple projects for one of our major clients. A lot of our work is in-language and is targeted towards Asian Americans in the United States. I use what I’ve learned about the different East Asian cultures and their people as well as my Chinese language with co-workers and in reading Chinese written copy for ads. I developed a lot of other skills in the program that help me in my occupation —  communication, presentation, problem solving, note taking and critical reasoning.