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East Asian Studies is a strong and vibrant program at UC Davis. Our faculty research and teach across the disciplines from the Humanities and Social Sciences to the various other sciences. Disciplines include Anthropology, Art History, Agriculture and Plant Sciences, Geology, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Literature, Nutrition and more. The EAS program actively sponsors and promotes lectures by visiting and campus experts, colloquia, symposia, and workshops addressing the concerns of the research community. These events are free and open to the public as we recognize that they can enrich the lives and affect the choices made by people in our larger region. Understanding East Asia today requires knowledge and appreciation of the forces that have shaped its diverse cultures and societies. It offers us a perspective on the diversity of human achievements and is key to understanding the region. 

Major Requirements

Planning ahead? Here are the tentative East Asian Studies Courses for the rest of the 2023 - 2024 School Year!


Course Title
CHN 1 Elementary Chinese
CHN 2 Elementary Chinese
CHN 2BL Accelerated Written Chinese 2
CHN 3 Elementary Chinese
CHN 10 Chinese Language & Culture
HIS 9C Korean Society: Late 19th Century to Present
JPN 2 Elementary Japanese
AHI 157 Buddhist Art
AHI 190F Undergraduate Seminar in Art History: Chinese
ANT 134 Buddhism in Global Culture
CHN 106 Chinese Poetry (in English)
CHN 107 Traditional Chinese Fiction (in English)
CHN 110 Great Writers of China: Texts and Context (in English)
COM 110 Hong Kong Cinema
COM 153 The Forms of Asian Literature
ECN 171 Economy of East Asia
JPN 102 Japanese Literature in Translation: The Modern Period
JPN 154 Tourism & Heritage in Japan
JPN 155 Introduction to Japanese Folklore



Course Title
CHN 1 Elementary Chinese 
CHN 2 Elementary Chinese 
CHN 3 Elementary Chinese 
CHN 3BL Accelerated Written Chinese
CHN 101 Chinese Film
CHN 109G Literature of 20th Century Taiwan
JPN 3 Elementary Japanese 
JPN 103 Japanese Literature in Translation: The Modern Period
JPN 106 Japanese Culture & Film
JPN 109 Japanese Popular Culture
JPN 157 Japanese Women Writers
JPN 160 Japanese Food Culture
JPN 164 Japanese Cinema
JPN 165 Sex & Love in Japanese Literature
AHI 1D Arts of Asia
AHI 190F Undergraduate Seminar in Art History: Chinese
ANT 137 Meditation & Culture
COM 112 Japanese Cinema
HIS 102N Japan (Seminar)
HIS 194A Aristocratic & Feudal Japan
SOC 145A Sociology of Third World Development
RST 172 Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism


Minor Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Majors and Minors
  • What are some popular double major or minor pairings with East Asian Studies?

    Students from across a diverse background of programs will double major or minor with East Asian Studies. We recommend meeting with other advising centers to confirm program requirements, but here are some that are popular pairings with East Asian Studies:
    Contemporary Leadership (minor only)
    Education (minor only)
    Global Studies (minor only)
    Political Science

    What do I need to declare a double major?

    We encourage you to meet with the undergraduate academic advisors for your major programs to ensure compliance with any specific rules that would affect success in petitioning for a double major. Minimally you will need to:
    - Complete at least 1 lower division preparatory course in East Asian Studies
    - Maintain a 2.0 GPA or better in completed East Asian Studies coursework
    - Maintain good academic standing overall

  • Major Requirements

  • What is the Foreign Language requirement for students in the East Asian Studies major?

    For the East Asian Studies major, students must complete the first 2 beginner courses (example: JPN 1 and JPN 2) for the major requirements. However, for College of Letters & Science degree requirements, students must complete up to the 3rd level of beginner courses (example: JPN 1, JPN 2, and JPN 3). You may satisfy the requirement by taking 15 quarter units of one foreign or classical language offered at UC Davis. Please see more information on the College requirements for Foreign Language here

    Is studying abroad in an East Asian country required?

    No, students do not need to study abroad in a foreign country for their major requirements, however, students are encouraged to study abroad if they are able to. You can learn more about opportunities to study abroad through the UC Davis Global Learning Hub

    Students who do study abroad in an East Asian country may be able to receive credit towards their major requirements; please see a staff advisor before travelling to discuss this process.

  • Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) Grading Mode

  • For questions about using P/NP grading for your major, please click here.