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A Message from the Director

Dear All,

            I am excited to share with you a piece of good news. UC Davis East Asian Studies is starting a three-year partnership with Global Hong Kong Studies@University of California (GHKS@UC), an arrangement supported by the College of Letters and Science.

Congratulations Professor Katharine Burnett on Publication!

Congratulations to Katharine Burnett in the Art History Department on the publication of her Ming Studies article “Contemporaneity in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Painting, Theory, and Criticism,” Ming Studies, 88, 1–2 (October 2023), pp. 3–33. DOI: 10.1080/0147037X.2023.2276599.

Congratulations Ben Fong on Publication!

Congratulations to Ben Fong on publishing his article "Learning to Speak Chinese: Defining the Sino-American Paradigm" in Arts 13 (1) 18. Read it here!


Congratulations Professor Mark Halperin on Publication!


Professor Mark Halperin has published article "A Domesticated Charisma: Buddhist Hagiographies in Southern Song China (1127-1279)." History of Religions, 63 (1): 1-34. Congratulations!


Call for Papers 

Call for Papers- CLOSED


The Diaspora Experience: Politics, Ethics, and Aesthetics of Emigrants from the Chinese Borderland 

10–11 October 2024 

University of California, Davis 


Congratulations Professor Katharine Burnett!

Congratulations to Professor Katharine Burnett for her continued work as Founding Director of the Global Tea Initiative and for her publications!

Title change: Global Tea Initiative name formally changed to Global Tea Institute for the Study of Tea Culture and Science

Continued as Founding Director


Publications – Book forthcoming:

With Jiang Naibin, Former UCD EAS Visiting Scholar:

Congratulations Professor Michiko Suzuki on Publications!

Professor Michiko Suzuki has published research article “Writing Women and Sexuality: Tamura Toshiko and Sata Ineko,” The Handbook of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Women Writers, ed. Rebecca Copeland (Tokyo: Japan Documents), 97-112. Congratulations!

Congratulations Professor Sheldon Lu on advancing to Distinguished Professor!


Professor Sheldon Lu has advanced to "Distinguished Professor" of Comparative Literature at UC Davis! Congratulations! Sheldon Lu joined the University of California at Davis in 2002 and is affiliated with East Asian Studies, Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Film and Media Studies, Critical Theory, and Designated Emphasis in Environmental Humanities at UC Davis.