Xiaoling Shu


Position Title
Professor of Sociology



  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Minnesota, 1991-97
  • M.S., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1996-97
  • M.A. coursework in Linguistics, BFSU, 1990-91
  • B.A., English & Economics, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 1990


Xiaoling Shu’s research focuses on the impacts of two of the most profound processes of our times – market transition and globalization – on gender inequalities, subjective sense of well-being, and gender, family, marriage, and sexual behaviors and attitudes. She uses data science models on national and international data to carry out country-specific (China and the United States) and cross-national analyses. 


Recent Publications

  • Shu, Xiaoling. 2020Knowledge Discovery in the Social Sciences: A Data Mining Approach. University of California Press.
  • Shu, Xiaoling. In Press. “Cohort Size, Historical Times and Life Chances: The Misfortune of Children of China’s Cultural Revolution.” Handbook of Sociology of China, edited by Yaojun Li and Yanjie Bian. Imperial College Press. 
  • Shu, Xiaoling and Jingjng Chen*. Forthcoming in 2023. Chinese Marriages in Transition: From Patriarchy to New Familism. Interdisciplinary book series on The Politics of Marriage and Gender: Global Issues in Local Contexts. Rutgers University Press. 
Journal Editing
  • Shu, Xiaoling. 2020. Editor, Special Issue on "Computational Social Science in the Era of Big Data" Journal of Sociological Studies.
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Book Chapters
  • Shu, Xiaoling. Forthcoming. “Cohort Size, Historical Times and Life Chances: The Misfortune of Children of China’s Cultural Revolution.” Handbook of Sociology of China (Yaojun Li and Yanjie Bian eds.). Imperial College Press.
  • Shu, Xiaoling and Yiwan Ye*. Forthcoming. “China, Quality of Life and Well-Being” Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research (Filomena Maggino ed.). Springer.

Research Focus

Social Stratification, Gender, Quantitative Methods, Life Course, Social Demography, Comparative Studies, Computer Simulation, Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining


Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation models, multilevel linear and nonlinear models, cross-classified fixed- & random-effect models (age-cohort-period cross-classified fixed- & random-effect models), event history analysis (discrete-time event history analysis & Cox regression), and dynamic modeling (partial adjustment models).

M.S. in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence, knowledge discovery and data mining.


Chinese Marriage and Family in Transition: Confucianism, Socialism, and Modernization (with Jingjng Chen). Rutgers University Press (Under Contract). 

Selected Publications

Gender Ideology, Gender Inequalities in China, U.S., and Globally
Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
Quality of Life and Stratification 


  • Knowledge Discovery in Social Sciences: A Data Mining Approach
  • Social Transformation and Life-course Dynamics: Theories and Methods
  • Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods: Structural Equation Models 
  • Advanced Topics in Quantitative Methods: Multilevel Models 
  • Market Transition and Social Stratification in China 
  • Social Stratification 
  • Intermediate Social Statistics 
  • Introductory Social Statistics
  • Markets, Culture, and Inequality in China 
  • The Emerging Middle Classes in China


  • Book Publication Assistance Grant, Office of Research & Letters & Science Dean’s Office, 2019.
  • Faculty Career Development Award, Academic Affairs, 2017, 2011, 1999.
  • Grant for Regional Faculty Groups, Global Affairs, 2017.
  • Fellow, Institute for Social Sciences, 2017.
  • Undergraduate Instructional Improvement Program Grant, 2007, 1998.
  • MacArthur Fellowship, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation,1991-95.