Congratulations Professor Katharine Burnett!

Congratulations to Professor Katharine Burnett for her continued work as Founding Director of the Global Tea Initiative and for her publications!

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Title change: Global Tea Initiative name formally changed to Global Tea Institute for the Study of Tea Culture and Science

Continued as Founding Director


Publications – Book forthcoming:

With Jiang Naibin, Former UCD EAS Visiting Scholar:

《原度:十七世艺术, (Chinese translation of Dimensions of Originality: Essays on Seventeenth-Century Chinese Art Theory and Criticism), Naibin Jiang 蒋乃玢, trans.Beijing Foreign Studies University, Academy of Comparative Civilization and Intercultural Communication and Da Xiang Publishing House, forthcoming 2023. 


Publications – Article forthcoming:

“Disseminating Chinese Culture in America through the Teaching of Chinese Art History,” China–US Journal of Humanities, Issue 8, forthcoming November, 2023