Xiaolin Zhou


Position Title
Visiting Scholar, East Asian Languages & Cultures


Zhou Xiaolin, from China, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature at the Chinese Department of the School of Humanities at Tsinghua University. In December 23, she embarked on a one-year joint Ph.D. program at UC Davis. Her research focuses on contemporary poetry, with her doctoral thesis titled "The Poetics of Life in Contemporary Chinese Poetry." Apart from her academic pursuits, Zhou has a profound interest in art, aesthetics, and philosophy. She enjoys drawing, music, and calligraphy.

Zhou Xiaolin has been honored with a national scholarship, multiple first-class academic scholarships, and recognition for an outstanding graduation thesis at the university level, earning her the title of "Outstanding Graduate." She previously served as an assistant graduate researcher at the Poetry Research Center of Capital Normal University. In 2022, she was invited to serve as the overall director and special observer for the Accent Accent International Poetry Award. In 2023, she took on the role of an observer for "New Qin Poetry" and received funding from Tsinghua University for a short-term study abroad at UC Davis. In the summer of 2023, she was invited to participate in the fourth session of the Jiandee Li Mu Color Painting Workshop. Alongside her critiques, Zhou Xiaolin is also engaged in poetry creation, and her academic articles and literary works can be found in publications such as "New Poetry Review," "Appreciation of Masterpieces," "Poetry Exploration," "Region," and "Works." She has published a total of 8 articles, including one in CSSCI and one translation.